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ARE YOU an unsigned act, songwriter or producer?? Looking for a Record, Publishing, Management and Licensing deal worldwide, especially in the UK and USA? Each month the BANDIT A&R NEWSLETTER publishes features on Labels, Publishers, Managements etc looking to sign acts, songs or masters. Bandit A&R Newsletter redefines "A&R" !

A&R has always stood for Artists & Repertoire, ie. the person or dept that puts together the creative output of a company. Now, The Bandit A&R Newsletter which has been bringing world-wide A&R opportunities to the attention of acts, songwriters and producers for over 18 years has redefined the abbreviation to focus on what the Newsletter actually provides to its songwriter, band, singer and producer subscribers.

A&R is - Access (to opportunity) & Research.


The world-wide music industry is a huge thing with tens of thousands of music companies and individuals inventing, developing, and marketing new music every day in a wide range of genres aimed at diverse markets. Bandit A&R Newsletter provides acts, writers and producers access to the much smaller set of companies and people who are ready to listen to and sign new projects in any month. Anyone with a viable act or songs, who takes a subscription, gains a ready and continuous audience of people looking to invest in new talent.


As a writer or performer you could spend vast amounts of time or money promoting your music to music companies in the hope that they will sign you. The average directory will have thousands of listings under labels, publishers, managers etc and every country will have at least one directory. Its impossible to send demo's to every listing. You can try to filter the information through phone calls and email but this again takes massive amounts of time and money.Research is what the Bandit A&R Newsletter is doing all the time, 5 days a week, 52 weeks a year to identify those people and companies that are ready to receive new music and talent.

The end result is the monthly edition of the Bandit A&R Newsletter which can be received as a pdf attachment to an email or as a paper publication in the regular mail. Bandit aims to include detailed information from 30 companies every month spilt across all kinds of company and all commercial genres, in the UK, US and world-wide.

The Internet and technology has made doing all kinds of thing easier - recording, promotion, distribution so that artists can get a long way on their own - if they have the range of talent needed. To reach the mass audiences though and therefore the top revenues it helps to have the backing of a person, company or companies which can provide the capital, contacts and commitment to open those big national and international media and distribution doors.

Bandit does not promise instant major label deals, in fact it rarely features major labels as the chances of it happening for someone with little of no track record is almost nil. Bandit concentrates on REAL opportunities which can get you established in the business perhaps though single song deals with a publisher, a development deal with a manager, a production deal with an up and coming producer, a one off record deal with an indie label or a track licensing deal on a compilation. All these are paths that lead to bigger things as your reputation and profile expands.

If you are a singer, songwriter, band or producer that has got to the stage where you know you have commercial potential with your act or material check out The Bandit A&R Newsletter by requesting a FREE SAMPLE COPY. Just send a blank email to then acknowledge the spam check return email and you'll get 30 recent Bandit opportunities! Regular subscriptions come with your first 2 monthly issues free!"

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