Radiocity Reviews


 “Reserved undertones but good rock tunes? Check. Sounding like more members than there probably are? Check. Big atmosphere from a simple band combo? Check. Songs to back it up? Check and mate. Sharp Practise are a classic rock band but not an over the top screaming yelling rock’n’roll monster, this is the sound of a band who like to keep things quiet and wouldn’t say no to an acoustic set, but not tonight; toninght they wanna rock. And rock they do”.

The Dukester

“The songs are very melodic, with strong catchy choruses and impressive vocal work as well as some high quality guitar work, so all together this is a highly recommended. The band also reminds me very much of Jadid, especially on a song like ‘No Thanks’. One of the best songs is definitely the catchy uptempo rocker ‘Choice Not Freedom’ which should be an instant hit in Europe! No fillers included – a great original classic rock record.

Strutter Magazine, Holland

“’Radiocity’ showcases a tight and focussed band with an unfailing ear for classic radio-friendly tunes. It’s emotional, well-played music for adults that brialliantly never lapses into AOR territory. Sharp Practise prove themselves to be adept at loud’n’hooky rockers, brash and moving anthems and plaintive guitar pop, like on ‘No Thanks’ – which with its acerbic lyrical stabs (e.g. ‘I’ve been in tighter spots than this/falling out with you is a lifetime study’) – is the kind of thing Neil Finn has made his trademark over the years”.


“Radiocity is a kind of hit collection, all tracks could be singles, and they could be radio and TV hits as well”.

Kronosmortus, Hungary

“’No Thanks’ and ‘ How Katie Feels’ are the most obvious hits from the record, as both carry catchy enough choruses to grab a spot at the radio airwaves especially here in Denmark – this is exactly the type of music P3 plays all the time”.

Rockfreaks, Denmark

“Sharp Practise do the classic rock thing with great finesse and balanced aggression of the most subtle variety. Now, that Sharp Practise aggression is not yer usual howlin’, wailin’ ferocious kinda aggression – Sharp Practise rock through delicacy of touch, unity and controlled attack. Sharp Practise are a cool and inspiring outfit. They are doing the whole rock thing just as they see and feel it. These guys aren’t just following trends, they’re setting their varied stall out and saying, “hey, we’re Sharp practise, come inside, sit down, relax and enjoy what we do”. Wel, I’m really enjoying ‘Radiocity’.

Toxic Pete



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