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Our live album showcasing songs from all three of our studio albums plus  two tracks not available elsewhere. 

Available from as CD or download (incuding downlaods  of individual tracks)

Banging The Rocks features great musicianship and good tunes, the classic Sharp Practise recipe! Less strident than Radiocity, very focused on everyday situations, the lyrics are complimented by polished but soulful performances from all the band.

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Radiocity is a very melodic classic rock album filled with memorable chorus. A mix of loud and hooky rockers, brash and moving anthems and plaintive guitar pop. A ten track epic of travel on various levels and a perfect album for dreaming! Songs from the album have received airplay all around the world and the video for Morgan's Creek has been aired in the UK and Canada.

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Hiya has won a Viewers' Award from Kweevaks and songs from the album have been played on radio around the world. Eve Got Adam appears on the Rock For Athletes and Best of 432 Miles compilation CDs, Complete History has spent over six months (peaking at Number 1) on the Ison Independent Network Chart in Australia and It's Alright features on Japanese TV star Chieko Mistui's Boungiorno DVD.

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The Official Sharp Practise T Shirt.

Sharp Practise T-shirts are now available in various colours, sizes and fits with the band's logo emblazoned across the chest.

When ordering please give your preferred colour, size and fit. If we haven't got it in stock, we'll get back to you - if we have, we'll send it to you!

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