Paint My Dreams

I’m gonna ride the moving stair up to the gleaming city
Where people made street legal their old and wicked ways
I’m gonna smile at girls who carry Aphrodite’s mirror
Do battle with the boys who use the shield and spear of Mars
I’m going to be brave enough to silence my own critics
Not stand aside and leave it for a champion to fight
I’m gonna read between the lines of all the hidden horrors
And, with a poet’s vision, bring the simple truth to light
I’m gonna paint my dreams
Spirits come, spirits go it’s all too sad for just one girl
To keep track of society and not to close her mind
Those of us who’ve sweated blood, put heart and soul in life
Have come too far and lost too much to turn away our eyes
I’m not mad, it’s fantasy, I see myself in chrysalis
Set to spread my wings and bring some beauty to the day
Ain’t no need for terrible weapons of destruction
Use unspeaking symbols to drive nightmare away
I’m gonna paint my dreams

Sharp Practise - 1999-2014