Won’t You Be My Lover?

Put your favourite jacket on
And drive real fast round here
Park yourself beside me girl
You can stay all night if that’s what you want
You haven’t sent your doubt away
You know it’s wrong but you’re gonna do it anyway
Won’t you be my lover girl?
Won’t you be my lover, baby girl?
Won’t you be my lover girl tonight?
Fireworks and power cuts
You treat them both the same
It’s born in the two of us
Not to be thrown off the scent
Find something good for someone else
But keep a little piece back for yourself
You have got some great ideas
Let’s go out and make them real
Are there times you can’t go on
But never let anyone know how you feel?
How well do you think you’ll do
Now you’ve met someone who wants to be with you?

Sharp Practise - 1999-2014