It’s All Right

Here we sit, with two rooms in an attic, one of which we don’t need at all
Holding hands, looking at each other, deciding that we’re gonna fall
There’s been times your love’s been so well hidden that I didn’t think I’d ever find
Someone to look at, someone to listen to, someone to occupy my mind
I wanna thank you for being
You let me keep my colours flying
And I forget about breathing
When you’re kissing me
It’s all right for you to wanna walk
Beneath the stars with me tonight
If that’s really what you wanna do
Then baby it’s all right
Love’s a funny thing; one size fits all of us it’s safe to say
I greet the morning as a kidnapper who’s stealing you away
Some choose their moments well; some lovers change their feelings overnight
But you ain’t the only one who needs somebody’s presence at their side
You can drape your flag across your shoulders
I’ll give you what you want, I’ll say I love you
We’re on the edge of an adventure
And you won’t break your heart over me

Sharp Practise - 1999-2014