Him Or Me

You’d rather be with your brother
Than spend time with your boy
Maybe you’ve found another-
Are you telling me lies?
I thought we wanted each other
You know the rules of our game
One and only
So tell me what’s his name?
Is it him or me
In whose arms you’re gonna spend the night?
Is it him or me
That you want tonight?
We used to be such good friends
Way back at the start
We never had any secrets
To hide from each other’s hearts
We swore if things became different
We’d let the other one know
Face to face of the break-up
Now honey where did’ya go?
Nothing used to matter before
My heart came under attack
Thought you wanted to build me up
Not stab me in the back
I ain’t the world’s best romantic
I know that love has to die
But every time it gets harder
And I’m left wondering why
We could take such a sweet love
And turn it round into pain
I used to trust you completely
Now I’m thinking again

Sharp Practise - 1999-2014