Eve Got Adam

I went mining for joy
And I struck a rich seam
I like the habits I’ve picked up
From your company
You never moan ‘bout how hard you’ve been working
You’re as cool as a swan
Resist the urge to just change things round
When nothing is wrong
Eve got Adam
Back in the garden
In the same way you got me
Eve got Adam
Don’t wanna be taken into custody
By your man
You tell me it’s a feminine thing
I wouldn’t understand
You show your skill at breaking and entering
And yet you do not take
Some pass the buck but they keep the dollar
You are no fake

You’ve found a way to invent the future
Don’t need no apples, no snakes
Use the word ‘love’ as if you define it
For a new audience

Back in the garden of love
Where it all began
Eve got Adam

Sharp Practise - 1999-2014