Born And Raised

Sure, I was born and raised there
Where the mountains kiss the sea
And the sands of time run out beneath your feet
Sure, I was born and raised there
Where the ocean turns to spray
And the changing tides can sweep your heart away
I never owned that land
But I sure felt it was mine
As I walked with you towards tomorrow
Down that rugged, wild coastline
And what seems now a fling for you
Has left me really touched
I wonder if you remember the feeling
How we wanted each other so much
How we couldn’t be together enough
And if your life today is such
That you want those old days back
And the world called me to go
From the place I knew and loved
And it still ain’t easy to accept
That you can’t always have what you want
But some things never change
And I can always picture that beach
At the moment when we said goodbye
And I did not know how to reach
The tender words I needed to speak
I wanted to fight as we fell into
Each other’s arms and cried
Take me back
For the sake of love – carry me back

Sharp Practise - 1999-2014