Hiya Reviews


 “A lovely mixture of rock tunes, commercial pop, folk, ballad and even a little alternative…eleven potential number one hits here.”

Melanie Vilnis, Australia

“After I heard the album the first time, I couldn’t get them out of my mind. That told me that there was something very special about this band and their music.”

Michael Allison, The GlobalMuse.com

“We think ‘Eve Got Adam’ has a particular swing to it which beholds the listener! The guitar on ‘Born and Raised’ is beautiful, along with the song.”

Radio Airedale

“The stories of everyday life will make you think the group’s taken a peek into your personal diary and they are singing it back to you wrapped in the winding notes of guitar, bass and drums. The group remembers that music is to do more than make noise you nod your head to. Songs are landmarks for important events and times in our life.” 

Culture Shocker Newsletter

“The melodic rhythms, haunting lyrics and fantastic poetic prowess push this band to the forefront of today’s music”.

Alex Abercrombie

“When the last melodies of the twelfth track disappear, you will be surprised how easily you have befriended these songs and how many of them remain firmly rooted in your head.”

Olga Sladeckova, Pennyblack Magazine

“I think this UK band has a lot of potential. Standout musical moments include the staggered vocal line on ‘OK’ and the lovely piano work on ‘It’s Alright’. My favourite track was the rocking ‘Him or Me’, which really picked up the Pce and sounded a bit like Sparks.

Jennifer Layton, Indie-Music.com

“In the tradition of storytelling lyrics, Sharp practise has a knack of writing simple but memorable songs of life and love…this is one band that should, in time, get a lot more recognition.”

EDF, Phase9 Music Newsletter

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